1. Inception

Small and Medium size hotels account for over 85 % percent of hotel and resort establishments in Thailand, employing over 60 percent of the labor force in tourism industry. During the time of economic crisis, SME hotels have better resiliency and adaptability, in comparison to large hotels. Even at the peak of the crisis, new small hotels were being set up, and some small hotels had been l able to expand their business during the crisis. Recognizing SME hotels and resorts as leverage for the benefit of the Thai tourism industry, and with the objective to revitalize small and medium hotel enterprises, Thai Hotel and Hospitality Management Association was established in July 2004, as the center for SME hotels and resorts entrepreneurs development. The association aimed to build competitiveness for small and medium size hotel entrepreneurs and enhancing their business capabilities 

2. Challenge and Opportunity

The challenge business environment due to globalization had driven the small and medium hotel entrepreneurs towards knowledge-based society. The essence of the hotel and resort enterprises in future will not simply be the provider of accommodation and food & beverage services, but will be focused more on providing the clients with total experience developed from multi services comprising of accommodation, food and beverage as well as other services, with timely deliveries and providing full customer’s satisfaction. The business cutting edge in the hotel industry has changed, from big and luxurious with size-and-scale as sole competitive advantage to smaller number of rooms sufficiently, serving the niche market , with product innovation and the excellent quality of service. In the new business environment, small and medium size hotels will have better opportunity to compete with the larger hotels. 

3. Vision

THMA aims to develop small and medium hotel entrepreneurs in Thailand by enhancing their competitiveness through knowledge based development and networking. 

4. Mission

  • THMA aims to develop existing small and medium hotel entrepreneurs as well as the new comers in the industry by enhancing their competitiveness through knowledge based training, seminars, and proper business planning.
  • THMA provides business counseling, professional management development, and networking. 

5. Strategy 

THMA services are client based, by classifying small and medium hotel entrepreneurs into four categories: 

  • emerging entrepreneurs with high potential,
  • existing entrepreneurs affected by the economic crisis,
  • existing entrepreneurs with proven sustainability, 
  • entrepreneurs with high efficiency and competitiveness.  

THMA’s professional consulting services are customized to meet the different needs of small and medium hotel entrepreneurs at each stage. The services consuming, and must be economically affordable for each target group. 


THMA‘s training courses are focused on direct target group to facilitate and match the requirement of SME hotel entrepreneurs within the limited time frame, and the owners can select to attend the proper training course which fit their need, either a short, intermediate, or a longer training modules. Training courses are provided in various modules such as : 

  • Advanced Management for Hotel and resort owners
  • Food and Beverage Management
  • Green and Lean Hotels
  • E – marketing, etc.


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